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LPWAN business will be the basis of IoT Application

Jun 12-2017

January 5, 2016 "The white paper of the IoT" (Hereinafter referred to as "white paper") officially released. "White paper"- It pointed out that famous enterprises such as Microsoft, Huawei, Softbank Corp., Qualcomm, BAT and so on that have laid out the IoT from different links and the conditions for large-scale industrial development are forming rapidly which will become the key period for the ecological development of the IoT industry in the next 2-3 years. Yu Xiaohui, chief engineer of the Institute of Information and Communications, said that in 2017, the IoT would open up a new pattern of development with new connections, new computing, new platforms, and new ecological acceleration, including LPWAN business.(low power, low cost, wide coverage). It will become the network foundation of the large-scale application of the IoT.

It is understood that the technology system, business model, and industrial ecology of the global IoT are still evolving and exploring at present. The development of the IoT presents a platform, a cloud and an open source feature. It is integrated with mobile Internet, cloud computing and big data, becoming an important part of ICT ecology.

"White paper" points out that is now at a new round of development layout is the key to the IoT "window period", the IoT development of our country still faces depth sensors weak industrial base, the industry application remained disorders, such as standard push for industry development is not prominent challenge. China Telecom signed with Alibaba YunOS on July 15th last year "The framework agreement on the cooperation in the IoT". Publishing consumer-grade IoT products; On November 15th of that year, China Telecom Guangdong and Shenzhen Branch signed a cooperation agreement with Shenzhen Gas Group, Huawei Company and Jinka High-tech Company to jointly set up a "Shenzhen Smart Gas Project Joint working Group" to pilot NB-IoT IoT applications. At present, the three major operators, China Unicom has set up its own IoT operation support center. In 2016, China Telecom also gradually tended to the development of the IoT. China Mobile's IoT users have exceeded 20 million. Become the world's largest users of the IoT private bearer network.