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Huangshi City builds China's first city-level LPWAN test platform

Jun 12-2017

On September 13, the "China's First LPWAN Test Platform Seminar" hosted by the Huangshi Big Data Administration was held in Huangshi. The organizer announced that Huangshi City will become the first city-level LPWAN test platform.

LPWAN is an emerging technology in the Internet of Things, which has the advantages of long transmission distance, huge terminal nodes, low power consumption, and economical network cost. In the future, this technology can be applied to smart meter reading, smart home, smart street lights, logistics positioning, and environmental monitoring.

 In early 2016, the Huangshi government decided to speed up the construction of an industrial Internet of Things industrial base. On March 18th, Huangshi City Government and Easylinkin reached a cooperation. After six months of planning, design, construction, and acceptance, the country's first city-level LPWAN platform was successfully completed in Huangshi City.

The Huangshi LPWAN test platform has 30 LoRaWAN gateways and can accommodate up to 3 million nodes, covering 85% of the main urban area. Pilot applications have been conducted in the fields of environmental monitoring, temperature and humidity, fire protection, safety, parking, etc. The next step will be to integrate low-power wide base station LAN and core technologies into the construction of Huangshi Smart City.