The Last 100 M Wireless Communication solution

R100 is a LoRa relay gateway product developed by Easylinkin., which supports receiving and forwarding LoRaWAN format messages of M390(_R) modules. M390(_R) module is a dual protocol module which can support two adaptive modes of LoRaWAN direct connection and forwarding through relay gateway. R100 relay gateway, using Semtech SX1268/2 chip, supporting LoRaWAN V1.0.3 protocol, working in Class A mode, with lower power consumption, higher power, longer transmission distance and stronger anti-interference ability, is suitable for a variety of low-power IoT application scenarios, especially water meter, smoke detector, temperature and humidity sensor, pressure gauge and other products using battery supply.

Product characteristics:

·Low power, battery powered, heartbeat with power level reported, maintenance-free during life cycle;

·Power by 25Ah CR battery pack ,≥8 years /50 packs / day

·High sensitivity: maximum receive sensitivity up to -139dBm@SF12/125KHz;

·Anti-interference: high-performance spread spectrum communication, and high-efficiency cycle interleaving error correction;

·LoRaWAN Specification 1.0.3 standards;

·Integrated LoRaWAN protocol, support Class A device types;

·IP68 ABS waterproof shell, simple installation and maintenance, quickly start working once power on

·Node registration, automatic join/re-join network once power on, support forwarding no matter connected or disconnected to network

Application scenarios:image.png

·SNR of LoRa sensors is between -15~-20dB, with high packet loss rate;

·LoRa sensors can not access LoRa network due to strong wireless signal attenuation in surrounding environment ;

·In case of LoRa gateways can not get power supply or network;

·Usually installed at the inflection point of the signal at both ends